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Sample Israel tour to the North:
[Note: We currently do not organize group tours that individuals sign up for. Rather we guide private parties of any size to fascinating sites like in the tour below.]

We will start by ascending the Golan Heights from the "Pearl of the Kinneret" - Ein Gev, passing through battle grounds of the Yom Kippur War. We will pass by hulks of Syrian tanks and see the Syrian bunkers where "Our Man in Damascus," the Israeli spy Eli Cohen stood. We will continue to the Talmudic town of Katzrin with its magnificent 5th century synagogue and stop for a visit in modern Katzrin.

Our tour continues at the heroic site of Gamla which justifiably is named the "Massada of the North." Then, we'll climb one of the volcanoes in the northern Golan and reach the foothills of the snowcapped Mt. Hermon. From there, we'll descend to the site of the biblical town of Tel Dan, with the best preserved town gate and fortifications in which a stone was found bearing an inscription referring to the "House of David." We'll reach the source of the Dan River and hike along it through a beautiful nature reserve to the modern Kibbutz of Dan. We'll finish the day at the heroic Yom Kippur War battle site of Tel El Facher, where the Golani Brigade overcame the superiorly-equipped Syrian forces in hand-to-hand combat.
During Hanukka time, follow in the footsteps of the Maccabees or travel with us anytime with an open Tanach in hand and experience Israel's rich heritage.
On our tours, you will discover the hidden spiritual dimensions of the Land of Israel and connect to its ancient and modern heroic past.
Drop us an email with your dates and interests, and we will promptly suggest itineraries suited to your previous Israel touring background. 
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