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Bet El Tours, in conjunction with Arutz Sheva, announces that after intensive research, it has found the cheapest deals for reserving hotels and rental cars in Israel and worldwide. Travelers can now save on every trip by booking their hotel reservations and rental cars through the Bet El – Arutz Sheva system. Read to the end, because two bonus options wait down below.

The system GUARANTEES lowest prices. 
1) Go to

2) In upper right of screen, click on "Shop For Travel."

3) Note: You will first shop for hotels, cars, or flights that you really need. When you check out, you will be prompted to register with your email address as your username, and you will select a password which you must remember for future bookings.

4) To begin searching for travel, go to the left column which says at the top: Everyday/Everywhere. 

5) Scroll down in the left column to the "Search Travel" box. Insert basic info about what you seek, and click "Quick Search" at bottom of "Search Travel" box. 

6) On the search results page, start scrollilng thru the results. OR, you can narrow down your search using some of the "filters" in the left column. 

7) At any stage, you can start a "Live chat" with a "reservation specialist" by clicking on the "Live Chat" icon in left column. They are very helpful - it works!

8) When you check out, you register as a new user and insert credit card to solidy reservation.

9) Whenever you come back to search for reservations, login - your email address is your "Username" and save your "password" to insert for all future searches and bookings.

This hotel and car reservation system works not just for Israel, but for any worldwide destination. For 86% of travel searches, it is the cheapest available on the internet today! If you have any questions or problems, just use the “Live Chat” in left column.

Once you have a username and password, whenever you wish to book travel, go to: , click on "Login" on upper right and scroll down to "Search Travel" in left column.

If all you want to do is book hotels, rental cars and flights at the cheapest rates, don't read on.

But, the company we work with went a step further - simply brilliant. They applied the same wholesale purchasing concept of Sam's Club and Costco to the travel industry. It's amazing and it's going to keep spreading for the next few years.

So, here's the first bonus option: amazingly cheap travel packages by joining the DreamTrips travel club. There is a ridiculously cheap membership fee, and it's worth it on many levels.

It's all explained in an upbeat video right here: . Video number one on the page just gives you a taste of the travel. Video number two really explains it all - including the second bonus option: how you can make a partial or even full-time income by becoming a vacation promoter. No pushy sales needed. Just send the link around to your friends. The cash starts to pour in. Video number three on the page is testimonies.

To remove any doubt, to simply make your own travel reservations - hotel, car and flight - it's free. Just follow the steps in the first part of the page. But if you want to get rock-bottom prices for travel packages including some to Israel, then join the club. And if want to make some income from your home,  you must watch these short to-the-point videos here:

Also, watch this video: for further explanation.
To register in the club, just click on the "Sign Up Today" link at top right of the page.
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