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Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer PhD
Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer PhD, is a renowned scholar in Land of Israel Studies who recently published a book on biblical sites. Yehuda Bohrer was one of the founders of the reborn town of Bet El and has ever since been giving Israel tours in conjunction with the Bet El Yeshiva Center.

Baruch Gordon
Baruch Gordon is the founder of the Arutz Sheva English News Site and former director of the Programs for Overseas Students and IDF Graduates at the Bet El Yeshiva Center. Baruch previously served as associate director of Operation Roots Judean Desert Jeep Tours. 

Yehuda and Baruch live with their families in biblical Bet El.

Note: At this time, we are not organizing group tours that individuals sign up for. Rather we guide private parties of any size.

All proceeds from Bet El Tours go towards  Arutz Sheva and the Bet El Yeshiva Center Book a tour

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